Thursday, February 1, 2007

Safe play for dogs - sticks are fun but frisbees are much safer

Dogs bring so much fun and joy into our lives, mine bring giggles into my life every day, all four of them have a very well developed sense of humor and love to play. They have all sorts of toys, even 11year old Timothy Whippet loves to curl up with his soft fluffy toys! He also loves to run, well, Whippets do don’t they?! Frisbees are his thing! Pagan Lurcher (a Whippet mix) goes crazy when she sees me get her ‘Chuckits’ – her fabric flying squirrel toys out. I have to use two of these – one to throw and one to have ready to throw next – she is so incredibly fast!

Please note, I never throw sticks for my dogs, I’ve heard too many sad stories of dogs being hurt by well meaning folks throwing sticks. Pieces of wood can get stuck in their faces, wedged across the roof of their mouth, splinters can get into their gums and/ or cause tooth damage. Please, be careful about where you are throwing things for your dog, I have friends who tragically lost their Labrador when she ran into a lawn sprinkler at full speed.

We always need to be aware of possible dangers that may threaten our four leggeds just as we do with our children.

They’re worth it.

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