Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cat Food - Let's think about it...

Do you ever wonder why so many people feed their cats dry food? When you think about it, we have taken this very finicky creature – a carnivore – who, when left to his own devices likes nothing better than to catch a small bird or rodent, play with it for a while and then devour all but the head, which he will frequently bring home to his person as a love offering, and we offer him kibble?!

Ideally we should be feeding our cats fresh food, fresh as in, still breathing! Fresh mice, lizards, birds and perhaps a small fish occasionally, but most of us find that idea pretty gross! So, we need an alternative, but dry food! That’s really stretching things! Then we leave the stuff out to gather dust all day and we top it up tomorrow – this for a creature who should be getting the majority of his fluids from the fresh food he eats. Now we give him food that demands he takes his own body fluids to enable him to digest dry kibble. No wonder our cats suffer from kidney and urinary tract problems. The connection between dry food and FUS (Feline Urologic Syndrome) is well documented.

You see, we’ve all been conned! As cat guardians we have been led to believe that commercial foods are much better than anything we could prepare for our pets, we believe all the cute advertisements featuring those charming, clever Veterinarians and Scientists in their white coats who know everything and only want us to buy their products for our four legged kids!

What’s more, our cats have been conned too! But they love that stuff you say! Sure they do, look at the label and see how much sugar and salt there is along with all those artificial flavorings! Our cats have become junk food junkies and like the kids whose other home is MacDonalds they will turn up their noses at the good stuff, they like all those chemicals and the ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. The pet food manufacturers aren’t going to make money if your pets won’t eat their product and they spend an awful lot of dollars to ensure that your pets will eat their stuff’!

So, what to do? I would suggest that you stop buying the dry food and start feeding your cat two meals a day, if he hasn’t eaten his food after half an hour, take it away, your cat is a hunter, he’s designed to eat and then rest, not to nibble all day as herbivores do, Think of the lion who gorges himself and then sleeps until he’s hungry again.

Then I suggest that you start giving your cat meats, poultry and fish (just beware of fish bones) Raw is best, as is organic – remember, we’re trying to get as close to natural and wild as we can. If raw meat is too much for you to deal with then by all means cook it lightly, remembering that cooking destroys many of the vitamins and enzymes – but it’s still a whole lot better than the dry kibble! And who needs all those nasty chemicals?!

I promise you that you will not only save money with home made pet food but you will also save on Vet bills and your pets will live longer stronger!!

They’re worth it!

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