Monday, January 29, 2007

Why Critter Cuisine & Content Companions?

The answer is: I think it's true for people and animals that diet has a profound effect on our wellbeing - both mental and physical.
In the UK there seems to be much more interest in solving hyperactivity in kids by changing the kid's diets. Out with the junk and in with some more natural foods.
Now, if it's true (and I think that it is) that kids health is being affected by what they eat it's not a huge leap to think that our animals health is too. Especially, when you consider the legal safeguards in place to ensure that what we humans eat is safe. I'll talk about it (carefully, for want of not being sued!) in future blogs but it should be a major concern when it comes to what you feed the animals nearest and dearest to you - they do not enjoy the level of protection that you would wish when it comes to what is allowed to be considered as 'pet food'.

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