Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Critter Cuisine & Content Companions Arrives

This is where I will share aspects of my life with animals; from growing up helping in my father's veterinary surgery, to running an animal sanctuary looking after the welfare of 200+ animals, to now - living in the hills in Southern California with my crew - I'll introduce them to you over the coming weeks and months...
In this blog I also hope to share information that I've picked up over the years: if one person finds the recipe my father created in 1955 to help his patients - from Dachshunds to Lions - recover after accidents or ops I will feel my tentative step into publishing will be worth it!
I will offer advice on:
helping reluctant cats and dogs to travel more happily
increasing longevity by watching what they eat
safety in exercise - put the stick down!
stop your dogs pulling you about
And endeavor to answer any animal related questions you might like answered.

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